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Waterplan is a family owned and run business that started in way back in 1992.

From very humble beginnings in a small 100m² shop we have grown during the years to a 500m² establishment. And although not every member that started out is as involved in the day to day running as they used to be (age does that), we still hold on to our original values, and the family is still involved.

We trade in everything water related, from borehole pumps to booster pumps, drainage pumps to pumps that can handle abattoir effluent and the worst type of septic sludge.

Initially our aim was to provide our customers with the best advice regarding irrigation systems for residential, agricultural as well as industrial applications, and although that has not changed, we now offer a much wider scope in water application technology with the design and supply of driplines and micro systems for green houses as well as orchards and hydroponic systems.

But we are not limited to pumps and irrigation. We supply pipes and fittings for all residential as well as industrial plumbing needs, suction and rubber hoses for industrial and agricultural applications and PVC pipes and fittings for industrial use.

Over the years we have built up outstanding relationships with our suppliers ensuring that you get quality products at competitive prices. We have never strived to be the cheapest place that you will shop at, quality and good honest advice have always trumped that. If you help a person with honesty and integrity they will always return, but cheap prices and inferior quality might get someone in your shop once, but there is a very slim chance of a good-natured return.

From the very start until very recently we ourselves did borehole pumps installations, the installation of water reticulation systems and the design and installation of residential, industrial, and agricultural irrigation systems. This background gives us a great insight in how to approach any water or irrigation related inquiry that you may have, purely because we were there, did it and wear the t- shirt with pride.

Due to changing economic times we have empowered our workers who now took over the installation and maintenance part of our business with their own, proudly formed company.

We are thus able to refer customers to them and other contractors whom we have dealt with over the years without any hesitation or reservation.

And that is at the core of what we do. To ensure our customers leave us with the right product for the right application at a price that they are happy with.

In short, when you have water that you want to use, we will plan to get it from point A to point B in the most practical and cost-effective way.



We have all your Water-Related Equipment:
Pumps, Hoses, PVC Pipes, Valves,
Fixtures, Seals, Geysers,
Garden Supplies, etc.



Our knowledgeable staff
can advise on
the best solutions.



16 William Stow Street,
Sasolburg, 1947, South Africa

016 973 1279